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Annette Klosler, Structural Integration Practitioner

Hi, my name is Annette Klosler and thank you for visiting my website! My journey on this path began in 2009 when as a mature student I returned to school to pursue my childhood goal of becoming a Massage Therapist. In 2011 I graduated from D’arcy Lane Institute and began my practice as an RMT.  This was just the start of my still ongoing life learning.

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The Rolf Method

The Rolf Method


What is the ROLF METHOD of Structural Integration

The  Rolf  Method  of  Structural  Integration (SI) is a deep tissue therapy that works with the fascial structure. Fascia  is a connective tissue that gives the body structure. It surrounds every muscle, nerve, vein and organ in the body. Fascia is a very thin transparent and slippery substance. Healthy fascia allows muscles to move freely past and over its surrounding structures.

Stressors  such as accidents, falls, sports injuries, mental or emotional, repetitive strains, and poor lifestyle choices can cause the fascia to become dense reducing range of motion and mobility.

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10 Series

Structural Integration 10 Session Series

Superficial Extrinsic Sessions

 Session 1 – Is known as the hour of vital capacity. Our focus is to increase the amount of space that the heart and lungs have to function. We also start to lift the shoulders off of the ribcage and begin to bring the legs back under the body where they can support the structure above.

Session 2 – Is the hour of the feet, ankle and legs. This session is about bringing order back in the arches of the feet, ankles, legs and knees. Creating a balanced foundation for the structure above is the primary goal of this session.

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