Relaxing and Therapeutic

Your First Appointment


What to Wear- “viewing clothes”

Men – short running shorts
Women – sport bra  and running/yoga shorts or two piece bathing suit. As this is a whole body treatment there are positional changes required during treatment. The viewing clothes make it easier to adjust positions quickly. The area of the body that is not being worked on will still be draped

What to Expect on the first session

During the first session we will review your completed intake forms and I can answer any questions you may have. You will have the option of having confidential before and after photos. The body will change throughout the 10 sessions!

Sessions are approximately 60-75 minutes. At the end of each session you will be given simple “homework” or neuromuscular retraining exercises to help retrain your neurological tissue and muscle tissue. As the fascia is freed the body regains a much better relationship when standing vertical in gravity. These exercises help us to brake bad postural habits and retain the benefits of the structural integration treatments.

*Please note that my clinic is not wheel chair accessible.

Download and fill out our New Patient Form and Structural Integration Intake Form.